Friday, September 2, 2011

Good UW videos of side kicking

During my 2010-2011 SCY season with ACAC-IA, side kicking became one of my favorite drills. The more we used side kicking and other drills that would basically be progressions of it, the better distance per stroke (DPS) our swimmers would get, without slowing down. In most cases, they would be significantly faster if we followed a side kick set with some Freestyle swim.

The link below has some great underwater (UW) shots of side kicking. Although I would tipically tell my swimmers to have their fingertips pointing down, in a position with shoulders above elbow above wrist (which I think helps them being ready for the catch phase quicker), you can see how much this swimmer 'grows' on his side so that he gets a better DPS. In addition, I really like the comment on how you should allow the weight to build on your lead hand, and if you do it correctly it should feel like you snap from one side of your body to the other. Check it out!

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