Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve Challenge was a HUGE success!!!!

The turnover was great! We had around 50 (brave) swimmers stepping up to the challenge and swimming more in one session then they’ve ever done before. At the end, almost every body survived!

To be honest, the coaches were saying they were really tired at the end after watching so much swimming too J! But at the end, it was well worth it to go through all that before feasting in the great breakfast prepared by the parents. We had a great selection and quantity of food, and by the end the swimmers could even talk and smile again!

Everybody who dove in for the challenge also received a really nice and exclusive t-shirt, with which they will be able to parade and brag about their accomplishment. We got plenty of video footage and will try to edit it and put it up soon.

To finish this post, we can’t go without thanking the parents for their help with the breakfast, which we must mention again: was just GREAT! To the swimmers, congratulations! From now on, we’re sure any practice will be short, and any set will be easy! You guys did so well that the coaching staff decided to let you rest until next year J!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Another good article

While we are getting ready for the upcoming week and the New Years Eve challenge, it’s been hard to allocate enough time to tape and edit a show. We’ll do our best to do so before the end of the week, but meanwhile here’s another link to an article we think might be of interest. We hope all swimmers in ACAC read it, and learn which race face they’ll be putting on from now on!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

To all of you that are part of ACAC, we wish you a merry, merry Christmas! Also, we hope you enjoy this one day off and have plenty of energy to hit the pool again tomorrow!!!

The past two weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for the extra practices during these two weeks, including our special practice that will go on next week. Again, we apologize if the blog was kind of left out for a while. In order to give you some content in case you need something to pass your time between our two a day practices, here’s a link to an humorous article about Holiday training! As you’ll see, we’re not really that hardcore about it, yet!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ICE Irving B. Weber Invite Highlights

James Bentley: got two best times, including a new BB time (500 free)

Sara Bentley: got one new best time;

Matt Boylan: dove in for one new event, and got three new best times, including a BB time (200 back);

Michael Burke: was 8 for 8 in best times, including a new BB time (50 free) and a new B time (100 IM);

Grace Carleton: swam two new events, and got two new best times;

Wesley Carleton: dove in for one new event, and got one best time;

Hannah Dietrich: got two new best times;

Liz Funk: got two best times;

Olivia Jenks: dove in for one new event and got three best times, including two new B times (100 free and 100 breast);

Timothy Jenks: tried one new event, and got one best time;

Josie Manzer: on her first swim meet, dove in for three different events;

Isabel McLeod: dove in for one new event and got three best times, including a new B time (200 IM);

Molly Muench: got one best time;

Anna Napolitano: dove in for one new event and got 6 new best times, including a new BB time (500 free);

Cael Rasmussen: got one best time;

Cameron Rasmussen: got two best times, including a new AA time (100 IM);

Abby Rewoldt: got one best time;

Morgan Rosser: lowered her own ACAC record on the 500 free (6:03.03)

Tony Rosser: got two best times;

Katie Sailer: tried one new event and got 7 best times, including a new BB time (100 free) and two new B times (500 free and 200 IM);

Eva Scheibe: dove in for one new event, and got 6 best times, including a new A time (100 breast) and a new BB time (500 free);

Grace Scheibe: got four new best times, including one new BB time (100 back);

Matt Shuka: swam two new events, and got three best times;

Stephan Shuka: in his first swim meet, dove in for four different events;

Sophie Sorenson: got two best times, including a new A time (100 fly);

Sydney Sorenson: got two best times;

Quentin Strohm: dove in for one new event, and got two best times;

Caleb Utesch: tried three new events and got three best times, including a new BB time (200 IM);

Molly Winer: was 7 for 7 in best times, including four new B times (100 free, 200 free, 100 back, and 50 breast);

Franklin Zhu: got times for three new events

Chrisann Zuerner: got one best time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad weather??? No, it's not that bad... we can still have practice!

I would like to start this post congratulating all ACAC swimmers that made it to practice last night. Due to the weather, attendance was not expected and we were a little short-staffed. Yet, not less than 28 swimmers made it to practice! Swimmers, be sure to thank your parents for driving you there!

We got some video last night, and I guarantee it will be cool to watch what our swimmers went through in order to make it to practice. However, we weren’t able to edit that yet, so meanwhile I am posting another cool video for you to watch. Here is Dr. John Berardi talking about nutrition again. Enjoy it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Great weekend practices!!!

As we got ready for a two day break for evening practices due to HS meets, ACAC had great practices on both Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday, swimmers from Age Group 3 and above hit the pool for the first dual meet of the winter session. With great attendance from both Team Kanye West and Team Taylor Swift, both teams alternated the lead during the whole meet. Team Kanye West went into the relay trailing by 6 points, and Coach Aron and Coach Lucas agreed that in the unlikely event of a tie, they would dive in for a 150 butterfly to declare the winner. As unlikely as it could be, Team Kanye West pulled a first and third place on the relay, “leaving” the second and fourth places for Team Taylor Swift. Due to time constrains, the coaches couldn’t hit the water on Saturday, but they should come out of retirement (one more time) soon! Most importantly, everybody present had fun and worked hard. We had great races all morning, and those were topped with some incredible splits during the relay (with several kids getting lifetime bests). No matter who the winner is at the end of that 150 fly, both coaches call it a success!!!

On Sunday, Senior level swimmers came in for a pretty hard practice in the morning. During the two main sets, they were challenged to keep paces that would seem really hard for practices. They all showed the mental toughness we’ve been talking about, and the coaches again felt this team is full of swimmers who are simply bound to greatness! During the evening, Age Groups and Novice swimmers had an equally challenging practice, and were equally great! The coaches went home feeling every kid earned this two-day break. We hope you enjoy it, and come back ready for more!

Congrats, ACAC swimmers!