Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

To all of you that are part of ACAC, we wish you a merry, merry Christmas! Also, we hope you enjoy this one day off and have plenty of energy to hit the pool again tomorrow!!!

The past two weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for the extra practices during these two weeks, including our special practice that will go on next week. Again, we apologize if the blog was kind of left out for a while. In order to give you some content in case you need something to pass your time between our two a day practices, here’s a link to an humorous article about Holiday training! As you’ll see, we’re not really that hardcore about it, yet!


  1. That article is really good, it definitely puts holiday practice in perspective and its funny at the same time. I reallt enjoyed reading it, especially the list of swimming benifits because they are so true! :)