Monday, December 7, 2009

Great weekend practices!!!

As we got ready for a two day break for evening practices due to HS meets, ACAC had great practices on both Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday, swimmers from Age Group 3 and above hit the pool for the first dual meet of the winter session. With great attendance from both Team Kanye West and Team Taylor Swift, both teams alternated the lead during the whole meet. Team Kanye West went into the relay trailing by 6 points, and Coach Aron and Coach Lucas agreed that in the unlikely event of a tie, they would dive in for a 150 butterfly to declare the winner. As unlikely as it could be, Team Kanye West pulled a first and third place on the relay, “leaving” the second and fourth places for Team Taylor Swift. Due to time constrains, the coaches couldn’t hit the water on Saturday, but they should come out of retirement (one more time) soon! Most importantly, everybody present had fun and worked hard. We had great races all morning, and those were topped with some incredible splits during the relay (with several kids getting lifetime bests). No matter who the winner is at the end of that 150 fly, both coaches call it a success!!!

On Sunday, Senior level swimmers came in for a pretty hard practice in the morning. During the two main sets, they were challenged to keep paces that would seem really hard for practices. They all showed the mental toughness we’ve been talking about, and the coaches again felt this team is full of swimmers who are simply bound to greatness! During the evening, Age Groups and Novice swimmers had an equally challenging practice, and were equally great! The coaches went home feeling every kid earned this two-day break. We hope you enjoy it, and come back ready for more!

Congrats, ACAC swimmers!

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if I can handle any more. :)
    In all seriousness though, Sunday was great and I hope we can have more Sunday morning practices.