Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve Challenge was a HUGE success!!!!

The turnover was great! We had around 50 (brave) swimmers stepping up to the challenge and swimming more in one session then they’ve ever done before. At the end, almost every body survived!

To be honest, the coaches were saying they were really tired at the end after watching so much swimming too J! But at the end, it was well worth it to go through all that before feasting in the great breakfast prepared by the parents. We had a great selection and quantity of food, and by the end the swimmers could even talk and smile again!

Everybody who dove in for the challenge also received a really nice and exclusive t-shirt, with which they will be able to parade and brag about their accomplishment. We got plenty of video footage and will try to edit it and put it up soon.

To finish this post, we can’t go without thanking the parents for their help with the breakfast, which we must mention again: was just GREAT! To the swimmers, congratulations! From now on, we’re sure any practice will be short, and any set will be easy! You guys did so well that the coaching staff decided to let you rest until next year J!

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  1. That was sure a hard practice but it was awesome to finish it and be like, "Yay, I survived!!". :) I feel like I can swim anything now!