Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 1 Recap

Before I get into a recap, I forgot to mention Luuk Dekkers 1000 free in the video recap, he went 10:00.53, a lifetime best by 9.5 seconds. Way to go!

We learn from our mistakes. The greatest part about this meet is that we get to make mistakes. Meets throughout the season are learning tools. It is very difficult to know how to react in a stressful situation like racing. The body and the brain perform a little differently under stress. Learning how to cope with that is essential to athletic performance. We had a few minor mishaps today that were amazing learning experiences. We got to tweak some strokes, some turns, and some other details. We had some nerves as well that affected race strategies. This is normal and we had some learning moments so that we can be better for the races tomorrow. I am proud of how our swimmers are handling themselves and how they are willing to learn from everything going on around them.

Here is how our day went:

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