Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Age Group 2 gets the deep end... and MORE

For the first time this season, our Age Group 2 swimmers were able to work on their dives. And they all showed they were ready to do so! It seemed they were all looking forward to this opportunity, and showed their coaches they are ready for diving in. Great job guys!

Meanwhile, it was great to have all our swimmers in the pool again. Novice swimmers were engaged in their technique work, and Age Groups 1 and 2 did some work with their breaststroke. It was great to see the results of all that work when the kids put the whole stroke back together.

I also had the privilege to work with some of the senior swimmers today during their dryland portion. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did (which is hard to believe since they were sweating and panting while I kept pushing them to go harder and harder :). Great effort from those guys as well!

Last, but not least, it was great to be at the banquet tonight. A lot of recognition and awards to all the great achievements from last season. Everybody is working hard for an even greater season now! We got some videos during the banquet, so expect to see those once we have a chance to edit them.

Coach Lucas

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