Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Novice swimmers make a splash!!!

As programmed in our 3-week lane schedule, last night the Novice swimmers had a taste of the deep end. Since they were there, they took advantage of it and worked on their starts. And it looked like they were having quite some fun! Being on the shallow lanes most of the time, this opportunity is very important for them. Parents take note of it: Monday, three weeks from now, you don’t want your kid to miss it! BTW, we were also planning on having the TIVO system working for them. Unfortunately, we had some technical problems. We hope those are taken care of by the next time our Novice swimmers are in lane 1!

A few lanes down, Age Group 3 had what was perhaps their hardest practice so far. And they stepped up to it! Everybody making the intervals and responding well, giving the coach a good fell that we can go even further!!! While the focus on Age Group 3 is still mainly on technique – which we didn’t overlooked, since we also worked on turns – it is great to see we can take a few days to swim longer and with quality!

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Age Groups 1 and 2 back in the pool today!

Coach Lucas

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