Friday, September 11, 2009


Awesome day of practice yesterday!!! It was our first day of lanelines. We worked on all four strokes and lots of breath control. Lucas has explained that breath control work releases hormones that promote muscle growth. I was proud of all of the swimmers for keeping themselves honest and for the team leaders holding teammates accountable.

The kick was amazing as we have a new team record for 100 yards. Luuk Dekkers went 1:14 for 100 freestyle kick. We had some amazing performances from other swimmers as well, Marios Tringides went 1:16, Taylor Kutchen was 1:20 and Caleb Utesch went 1:22.

We started a new tradition on Wednesday after practice. All swimmers, whether it was a great practice or not-so great practice, need to shake my hand before they leave. It is a great way to sum up the day’s activities and gives us a great starting point for tomorrow. When all is said and done, there is respect for yourself, the effort you put in as a swimmer, the effort the coach put in to the practice, and respect for the program. We will now carry this tradition after every practice and every meet.

Let’s all be ready for Race Club Friday’s!!!!!

-Coach Aron

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