Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Technical difficulties tanked the TiVo!!!! We will work on this. The actual problem was that the TV was not turning on. Hopefully we can fix this by the end of the week.

There were a couple announcements that we forgot to mention in part 1 of the VLOG. First, ACAC meet entries are due on Friday the 25th. Please get those updated on the website. Second, we have a parents meeting scheduled this Friday from 6:20-6:45pm. This meeting is intended for new swim parents and is focused on everything dealing with swim meets.

Finally...we actually have no control over the videos that are accessible from the blog. It seems that, yesterday, no one was able to see part 1 of Week 3. If you would like to see all videos or if you would like to view a larger version there is a youtube icon below the four listed videos. Click on that and search "swimacac" on the youtube page. There you will get a list of all of the videos and because they are larger you can read the captions and titles with ease.

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  1. Hmm...I hope it gets running soon, thanks for the update.