Thursday, September 24, 2009

First team meeting of the season!

Yesterday, we had the first team meeting of the season. As we said on the V-log (twice J!), this year we are holding team meetings once every 3 weeks. If you missed it, here’s the agenda (and a short synopsis of each topic):

- ACAC Autumn Opener entries are due on 9/25. That is this Friday, so make sure to submit your entries before that!

- Parents meeting, regarding swim meets also on 9/25, from 6:20 to 6:45. This meeting is geared mostly towards new families, so that they understand everything that goes around during a swim meet. We will also hand out a swim meet manual. Experienced parents are also welcome!

- Check out the coaches’ blog! Well, if you are reading this, good job in doing so! We wanted to make sure all our swimmers know about it, and are checking it frequently. Also, be sure to click on the videos on the right to watch the weekly show! Some laughs and a lot of information guaranteed!!!

- Working out and competing as a team: First off, remember to support and cheer up your teammates. That is going to come around on the days you are in need of some support! Second, we are giving emphasis on how the team scores on each meet. Our first priority? Let’s win our home meet! This is our turf, so let’s defend it! Let’s make sure everybody is swimming as many events as they possibly can, and adding points to the team!

- Team cheering! We are working on defining our team cheers. They should be purposeful, and help us getting pumped up for racing! If you have any ideas, be sure to share them with the coaches!

It was a relatively short meeting, which allowed swimmers to get back in the water and keep their hard work!

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