Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday

The weekend was relaxing, 'cept for having to host the Hawkeyes...They humiliated our football team, but my Packers pulled it out last night in dramatic fashion. The Ames High School Girl's team had an amazing meet on Saturday winning their own invite. I got the update in a short phone conversation with Head Coach Dan Flannery (short conversation with like 30 minutes). Way to go girls!!!! We posted some of the fastest times in the State. Our medley relay will be one of, if not thee, best team in the State.

Friday's practice was pretty crazy with the race club. We started with some diving in the deep end. It was pretty intense as the swimmers had to hold their breaths, touch the bottom, perform a flip turn and then jump off the bottom again to high five the next relay swimmer. We had some pulling and some kicking relays. I especially liked the kicking relays as the swimmers had to wave to me while they swam. I have video posted at the bottom of the post. We finished up with a freestyle relay. I would have to give racer of the day award to Ethan McCallum for his ability to always come from behind to touch the wall first. It was a great effort by all.

We have a busy week with the banquet on Wednesday and the Fundraiser on Saturday. Oh, and let's not forget, the morning practices start this week too. Let's keep the hard work going from last week and continue the preparations for our first meet.

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