Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great night at the ACAC fundraiser!!!

First of all, we know the blog has been slow for a couple of days. We were all busy working on videos of the age groups and the program for the 1st Seniors Dual Meet. More info on that (and the videos) coming soon!

Last night was hold the 2nd annual fundraiser for ACAC. We would like to thank everyone that showed up. As this is being written, we still don’t have an official final number as to how much was raised, but we can tell everybody was extremely generous on donations and bids. As coaches, it is great to see how much our parents believe in the sport and support the club. Again, thanks a lot to everybody!

If you missed it, you can still make contributions towards the coaches’ wish list. The list will be posted on the team’s webpage, and you can check it out and make a donation towards equipment that will benefit everybody on the team!

But perhaps most importantly J, if you couldn’t come, you missed a great presentation from Coach Aron! Lucky for you, we had a camera on hand and were able to capture some of it. We must apologize for the camera shaking so much, but coach Lucas just couldn’t stop laughing (and I bet you won’t either)…

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