Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's awesome

I must apologize...Yesterday's morning show was not nearly as entertaining as week 1. We will do much better next week.

Lucas and I held a draft for the Saturday dual meets. It was an intense draft period, after a few dirty looks, and some emotional breakdowns (Lucas cried twice), we finished the draft and now have some teams set-up for great competition.

Dryland was kicked off this week for the Senior groups. I was surprised to see how well the swimmers remembered the exercises and general flow of the dryland circuit. Coach Anja really did a great job working with our Senior group as well.

Novice was in full force last night. Coach Stacy was in the water with Coach Annie on deck making practice a complete experience for the swimmers with on deck and in water instruction. I enjoyed seeing lots of enthusiasm on the shallow side of the pool.

This morning was the first morning practice of the season, and well, I could blog about it, but here is a video instead...

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