Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For every great man, there’s a great woman!

Ok, that’s not really how the saying goes. However, that fits our purposes. If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog, simply scroll down before reading this… Now that you are done with it, upon reading the title, you can probably guess what this one is about. Since we are talking about 10 year-olds, we could have used boy and girl on the title, however, we feel that their will power is so great they deserve the title as it is!

Enough of introduction: after Matt’s feat yesterday, another brave soul decided she wanted to give the 1000 yards fly a try! Morgan Rosser was seen on the video of yesterday’s blog. After coach Aron asked why she wanted to do 1000 Fly, while Matt completed one of his 40 lengths of the pool, she said she didn’t really know, she just wanted to do it! We really deny a 10 year old from trying…

Last night, after swimming the whole practice, Morgan stepped up on the block, dove in, and swam 40 continuous lengths of the pool in Butterfly! She was the first female swimmer from ACAC to do so. We are very proud of having swimmers that won’t shy away from a challenge. Below you can take a look on some of those laps:

Congrats, Morgan!

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  1. I saw both those kids swim. Makes me wonder if I could do it too...